The R. A. Pinno Experience

Over 40 years of experience as a custom-home builder
in Wisconsin will ensure your project will be seamless.

R.A. Pinno is proud to be valued by our past and present clients
for our commitment to our exceptional standards.

• Open Communication  • Timely Customer Service
• Integrity • High Quality Workmanship
• Quality Materials • Value Added Pricing
• Design Creativity • Attention To Detail
• Craftsmanship • In-House Designers & Engineers
• Experienced & Knowledgeable Sales Professionals

At Your Service

From the first call or email we share, right through the final project walkthrough, our team is here to handle every detail, expertly, from start to finish. Trust us to treat your project as our very own – leading you to the finish line on time and on budget. 

Our Process

 Details, Details, Details!

We want to know what you want! Some of our past clients had it all figured out before they ever picked up the phone and some had no idea where to begin. Whichever way you come to us, rest assured you’re in the best hands. We’ll take the time to go through your thoughts and ideas, providing you with examples and options, feedback and suggestions as needed. 

The sky is the limit! We strive to deliver on the vision you have for your project, within your budget. We’ll discuss everything from site preparation to exterior and interior options, materials and construction methods, down to the smallest of details. Don’t worry, we’ll lead you through all of your options, stress-free. Really!

New Construction

Your friends and family will, no doubt, try to tell you how stressful and difficult building a new home is. Don’t let them convince you! Although we are sorry they had those experiences, with R.A. Pinno Construction by your side, we strive to leave you signing from the rooftops on how truly amazing building a new home can be. 


When renovating is what works best for you and your family, R.A. Pinno Construction is here to help. From planning the structural end through the aesthetics, we will work with you to ensure a smooth renovation. We have years of experience remodeling homes of all ages. Truth be told, renovations are almost never issue-free, but working with an experienced builder makes all the difference. We take our time to consider every angle of your renovation and run through, with you, the possible scenarios that we may find upon opening your walls, beginning to form solutions to issues before they ever arise. Trust our experience to guide you through, creating a space perfect for the way your family lives today.

Accent Structures

This is where your dreams can run wild! What do you see when you imagine your new backyard, spot of land in the woods or even your waterfront piece of property? Can you see a perfect she-shed, gardening space, garage to care for your Harley, a gazebo for your hot tub allowing you to relax in all types of weather? If you can dream it, we can design and build it. We want you to love being home!

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

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